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The assholes unite.


I never want us to descend to this level of puerile inanity. I want us to stay at at a more classy level. I want us to keep our purpose firmly in mind - we are here to change the world through satire, a noble and laudable goal. We are NOT here to make ourselves look big by pulling others down. And when we stumble, we will mock ourselves harder than we mock anyone else.

To see what idiots in large numbers can accomplish, read this livejournal entry written by one of my little sister's friends. The Amanda referred to therein is her. Remember that when you read the comment from "The Carrot," the most... words cannot express my rage. When I have calmed down some, I may comment on his comment and point him over here. I may not, though. I have never experienced raw rage like this, and it's a bit frightening. At any rate, should cruel.com get a hold of us and attempt to show us the path of their enlightenment, I trust that we will be able to stand our ground and give five times better than what we get.

If anyone from cruel.com is reading this now, I hearby dare you to comment and insult me with your infantile minions. Is this asking for trouble? You bet. But if there was no trouble, the world would stagnate and rot from within. I welcome the opportunity to shake it up. At worst, I learn my own limitations. At best, you learn yours.
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