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Freedom of Speech

A right that all of us, including this fellow should fight to preserve.

If this had been not an American flag, but instead, say, a rainbow gay pride flag, would there be this much support for this man? Don't get me wrong, freedom of speech is a great and wonderful thing, and the fact that he's fighting a silly homeowner's association to protect his rights is awesome. I'm just wondering.

I'm kinda surprised that it was even an issue - after 9/11, American flags were more common than dandelions for a while. And it was considered a great and noble and wonderful thing to be an American, and to show your pride in your country with such a noble symbol. Heck, it still is. So why does this homeowner's association have their knickers in a twist? Are they aware that this is a losing fight? They're trying to take away the First Amendment AND they're attacking the right to display a very popular symbol. What's their problem? I hope it's something more thought out than is presented in this article, 'cause that is very much a losing battle.
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