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sowwy, im out of weehab now ohgosh

im screwed, my mommy wouldnt pay fo teh weehab, she sayed i shooduv spent the monies on a .45 to shoot myswelf instead :(

no mor stwayer fo me nowz :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( i weally weally weally wantd 2 go ther, i was gawna wiv in teh dumpster in teh bak jus wik teh gwouch

ohman wut im gonna do???? <<<<< tahtz wut i thought wehn i gotz out of teh weehab

i decid, to go 4 a dwive, thru the white hous fenc so teh guardses woold fuckin shoot me ohgsoh i h8 mmyself but teh wallz stop my mommys car which i stoled and my dog floo thru teh windsheeld instayed :(:(:( and tehn i wan fwom teh coppers cuz they r mean to gwavvies

my pawents kikked me out, im at teh wibrary to tell evewy1 im gonna ewectrocute mysewlf to dead

buy buy :(

edit: god dwam it im stwill fukn awive wtf

i wish iwuz teh popez :(

>:I >:I
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